Wednesday, June 28, 2006

2006 NBA Draft Day Spectacular

Welcome to the 2006 NBA Draft. I just realized that I watched about 4 solid games of NBA action (it's FAAAAAAAANtastic!) last season, so I'm not really feeling the draft this year. Plus, it is a pretty crappy draft. So I'll just post a few comments as I think of them. Hopefully they'll be entertaining.

--How has David Stern not had a heart attack yet? As Felch would say, "It blows my mind."

--When the top pick is an Italian named Andrea, you know its a weak draft.

--Do you think the Italians paid off the Raptors to take Andrea, much like they have clearly paid off the refs in the World Cup?

--Where do black people come up with these fake French names? LaMarcus? Come on.

--Adam Morrison is clearly the front runner for Moustache of the Year next season.

--I would much rather have a white guy with diabetes than a white guy with a back problem. Because that back problem is NEVER going away.

--This draft is flying along. Kudos to the brass at the NBA. Now if we could get the first round of the playoffs to be less than a month, we'd be getting somewhere.

--Where are the crazy suits? I'm thoroughly disappointed in these guys. We need someone to break the ice and just go big with a purple pinstripe double breasted number next year.

--I spoke too soon. Tyrus Thomas went with the purple sweater under the pinstripe suit. Pretty close.

--Stu Scott just mentioned the WNBA. Why does that still exist? I'm conviced David Stern is laundering money through that league or something.

-- Shelden Williams is a lock for NBA Smush Face of the Year next season.

--Jay Bilas just projected the 5th pick in the draft as a Dale Davis type. Not a good sign for the talent this year.

-- I'm already bored. I'm just waiting for the Wizards pick. Now that we have Ernie Grunfeld, we might not screw it up. I'll see you next year, when there's some talent available.