Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I have often said that Halloween is my most religious holiday. I mean, what other holiday encourages dressing up like an idiot (or, a slut if you are a girl), getting drunk, and taking pictures of and with strangers? People are always happy and will come up and talk to you even though you are the three creepy old guys drinking alone in the corner.

This year, my friends and I went with the group costume. Its much easier if one person thinks of an idea and the others can do something related to it. We decided to go as the Balco Boys. I was Palmeiro, Ike was McGwire, and Jeff was Giambi. We all had hats, jerseys, and most importantly: muscle shirts (that made us look like we had muscles). Unfortunately, we didn't have a black friend to play Barry Bonds, so if you are black and would like to be our friend, we are taking applications.

We started out the night at a house party of one of Ike's coworkers and then made our way to the bars. I was psyched to take as many pictures as possible, but after the second one, my camera said that it was low on battery power (even though I charged it all day). Fucking Sony. Anyway, I was still able to take a bunch of pictures. Here are some of the best.

This guy was part of a large contingent of Cobra Kai members. He was the fat, balding Cobra Kai member who wasn't in the movie. I'm guessing the over/under on the number of times this group heard either: "SWEEP THE LEG!" or "PUT HIM IN A BODY BAG!" was about 138. Hell, I heard it twice.

As you can see, the group costume was all the rage this year. This group of girls went as the Average Joes from the movie Dodgeball. Crappy movie, decent costume.

These two get the award for the creepiest costumes of the night. On the left, we have Robin. Robin. Who the fuck wants to go as Robin? I think it might even be worse if it was part of a Batman and Robin group costume. On the right is some sort of Chiquita Banana woman who is holding up a mysterious red pill. I'm about 75% sure that I didn't take it because I remember the rest of the night.

Fook Mi? Fook Yu!

Here we have my buddy Jeff in his Giambi Roids costume with a guy wearing the best costume ever! My favorite part is how happy Jeff is that he's standing next to Dirty Sanchez.

I'd like to fill her cup up to the line with my slime. Actually, I wouldn't.

And what would Halloween be without a child molester?

Jeff with Asian Elvis.

Dis bloke gets mad respeck fo pimpin like my main man, Ali G.

And of course, the most important late night stop: Julia's Empanadas.